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The Perfume Walk

La salle des flacons


Like haute couture and gastronomy perfumery represents the essence of french know-how. If scent growers concentrate around Grasse, the Centre region hosts more than 450 companies bound to different areas of the perfume economic chain: research and training, growing of aromatic plants, manufacturing of perfume and cosmetics, packaging, bottling, packing or even distribution.

Established in 1994, the "Cosmetic Valley" was qualified competitive cluster in 2005. During castle restoration by the Loiret general Council between 1987 and 1992, it was decided to develop it as a theme museum about the history of sanitation and perfume over the centuries, from the Renaissance to the present day.

This perfume walk designed by Didier Moulin on an original thinking by Frédérique Archambault, gives the Cosmetic Valley a historical heritage display.

The Cosmectic Valley

  • 1994 - born in Eure-et-Loire
  • trades: research and training, culture of aromatic plants, cosmetics and perfume manufacturing, packaging and packing, distribution.
  • 2005 - qualified as competitive cluster over 7 departments.
  • 470 companies, 45000 jobs, 10 Billion Euros turnover
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The Perfume Walk takes us through 16th and 17th century assembled and furnished rooms and traces the use of perfume into society. The  first two centuries presented show how to fight against illness or how to prevent it. Bath beeing prohibited under The Sun King , it becomes a camouflage for unpleasant body odeurs. From the 18th century on perfume is an inseperable component to the “toilette de beauté” made according to one's mood by mixing the essences of it's own perfume box.

Nevertheless, some people from the gentry go on a regular basis to perfumers of the european courts Houbigant, L.T. Piver, Lubin or Roger & Gallet for their fragrance compositions. From the 19th on Grasse sees the first perfume manufactures. Perfume shops multiply. At that time Millot, Pinaud or even Guerlain start to show. With synthetic products beeing introduced, compositions become more and more complex. Today's perfume industry was born...

At the start of the 20th century bottling undertakes itself a metamorphosis. By joining with great glass master René Lalique, Coty introduces a new diemension to bottling: that of design... The area dedicated to the 20th century highlights Baccarat crystal bottles, Bohème or even Lalique, Daum or Dali creations...